Mental Health Wellness Week: November 16-22, 2014

Mental health is how people think, act and cope with life and the stressors and challenges that are part of the human experience. The state of one’s mental health can influence the ways in which they look at themselves, their life and others around them. It also strongly influences an individual's potential for achieving their goals and is an important tool in obtaining and maintaining a feeling of well being.

Mental Health Wellness Week -- a grassroots public education campaign focused on promoting mental health wellness across the country, taking place November 16-22, 2014 is designed to:

•    Promote an understanding of mental health wellness
•    Address the mind/body connection
•    Provide evidence-based approaches to improving both mental and overall physical wellness
•    Help individuals find support groups and wellness events in their local communities
•    Address coping skills such as:
      •    Stress management techniques (i.e. yoga, breathing exercises, and progressive muscle

      •    Mindfulness, (i.e. "living in the moment")
      •    Lifestyle behaviors (i.e. physical activity, writing, having a support network)
      •    Setting realistic goals, evaluating different lifestyle choices and techniques that help both
            body and mind to improve mental health wellness